Mystery of World’s Oldest Human | The Secret of Living 120+ years

Mystery of World’s Oldest Human | The Secret of Living 120+ years

Hello, friends! Mystery of World’s Oldest Human | The Secret of Living 120+ years In 1875, a girl was born in the small town of Arles, France. Jeanne Louise Calment. It was a time when cars and aeroplanes were not yet invented. People used to travel by horse-drawn carriages. People used candles to light their homes. At this time, no human being in the world would have even dreamt that this girl would make history. She will live such a long life such a long life that she will break all the world records. In 1889, Louise was only 14 years old when the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris. In 1896, when Louise got married at the age of 21, Mahatma Gandhi had just moved to South Africa. By the way, Mahatma Gandhi was only 6 years older than Lewis. Fast forward to 1914, when Louise was only 39 years old, and was living a happily married life and had a daughter.

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A huge explosion shook Europe. World War I began. In 1934, when Hitler’s rise was being seen in Germany, there was an unfortunate tragedy in Louise’s family. Her daughter died of a lung infection. She was 59 years old then. 59 is an age when most women have become grandmothers. But Louise herself would have never imagined that her life was not even half complete. In 1942, World War II was in full rage in Europe. Millions of people lost their lives in this war. Millions of people were separated from their families. And something similar happened at Louise’s home too. When she was 64 years old, she lost her husband. In 1947, Prime Minister Nehru hoisted the flag of independent India. India gained independence from the British. Louise was 72 years old at that time. And she was watching the pages of history turning, unknowingly.

In her life, horses were replaced by cars, and candles by electricity. In 1969, when she celebrated her 94th birthday, humans stepped on the moon. “One small step for man, A giant leap for mankind.” In 1985, Rajiv Gandhi got a historic victory in the Indian elections. In India, the IT revolution was just about to begin. At that time, Louise was 110 years old. She was happily living in her house till now, but after this point, she moved to a nursing home. In 1988, the world finally started to pay attention to Louise. She was being discussed everywhere, she was in the news for being the oldest living human. In 1997, at the age of 122, when Louise passed away, the age of computers and the internet had already begun. Jeanne Louise Calment crossed all the limits of imagination. She made a record that no one has ever been able to break yet. What was the reason behind it? What is the secret of living such a long life? Let’s find out in today’s video.

The first thing that comes to your mind is that obviously, luck was involved. This is true, if you want to live for 122 years, you will need a lot of luck. But the question here is that in living such a long life, how much contribution is of luck and how much of it is your lifestyle choices? Between 1870 and 1900, scientific research was conducted in Denmark on twins. More than 2,800 twins were analyzed to study longevity and to see, how big is genetics as a factor and how big are lifestyle and environment as factors. This research was known as the famous Danish twin study. And the conclusion of this was that an average human’s life is 20% dictated by genes and 80% is influenced by lifestyle and environment. That means your food choices, the way you exercise and a healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on how long you will live. And a big impact of all these factors is on your hair.

To some extent, hair loss is natural and it depends on genetics along with age. But to some extent, it also depends on your lifestyle. Medically, hair loss is categorised into 7 stages. If you are in between stages 1 to 4, then it can be controlled after identifying the root cause. But if you are beyond stage 5, then it becomes more difficult to get your hair back. Then risky and expensive surgical procedures like hair transplants, remain the only options. So, if you are in between stages 1 and 4, it’s not too late and Traya can help you. Traya provides you with a holistic and safe solution for hair loss. First, they do a comprehensive hair test to find out the stage of your hair loss, the extent of the damage and the underlying reasons behind it. Then their experienced doctors make a customised solution for you. The best thing is that their hair test is online and completely free. Traya claims that more than 2.5 lakh Indians trust them and 93% of customers have seen significant results. You can see real-life cases here and if you are interested, then you just have to follow 3 simple steps.

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