Mona Lisa painting

Mona Lisa painting

Hello friends! Mona Lisa painting August 21, 1911, it was a Monday morning in Paris, the capital of France. It was quite the commotion. People were going to work in their offices when suddenly three men came out of the Louvre museum. The three had spent the previous night at the museum. And now, they were carrying an important property of the Louvre Museum. They hid in a blanket while trying to escape. They went to the nearby railway station and disappeared by train at 8:45 am. The whole world was unaware of the one painting they had stolen. Not a trivial painting. The most famous painting in the world. Mona Lisa.

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The painting is currently valued at close to $1 billion. What is the reason behind this? What secrets are hidden in the Mona Lisa? Why is it the most famous painting in the world? I can understand the secret of Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was painted in 1503 by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. And this guy was so amazing that you won’t believe it either. He was not only a painter but also an engineer, scientist, sculptor, architect and theorist. He had knowledge in many subjects like painting, cartography, astronomy, anatomy, botany, hydrology, geology, optics and even paleontology. So without talking about her, let’s talk about Mona Lisa.

which was his most famous painting. But who was this person in the painting? People have always been curious about the identity of women in paintings. This was first discovered by an Italian artist named Giorgio Vasari, who wrote the autobiography of Leonardo da Vinci in 1550. According to Vasari, this woman was Lisa Gherardini. She was married to a silk merchant who lived in Florence, Francesco Giocondo. He believed that Francesco commissioned this painting of his wife and the origin of the painting’s name. The first name we all know, Mona Lisa, is derived from Madonna Lisa. Traditionally, in Italian, the word Madonna was used to mean Madam. So, Madonna Lisa means Madam Lisa. The word Madonna was later shortened to Mona. Monna with double n. When it was written in English an n was dropped and mona became mona. So Mona Lisa means Madame Lisa or Lady Lisa.

And then comes Mona Lisa’s other name which is La Gioconda. After her marriage, Lisa Gherardini became Lisa Giocondo. Interestingly, Giocondo means light-hearted or cheerful in Italian. Meaning, bright and joyful. And today Mona Lisa is very famous for her smile. Hence its name La Giocondo. In French, the word Giocondo is spelled with a J, like this, Joconde. So when you go to the Louvre Museum in Paris and see a painting of the Mona Lisa in French, it will be identified as La Joconde. Now, the interesting thing is that in 1550, despite this revelation, people were not ready to believe that Vasari’s description was correct. Many theories began to emerge about this woman being someone else. Some people said she was Leonardo da Vinci’s mother. Some said it was a painting of a queen of the Italian nobility. The most interesting theory was that da Vinci painted himself in this painting. That this painting is not of a woman.

But actually a self-portrait by Da Vinci. Where he imagined what he would look like if he were a woman. This theory was popularized by artist Lillian Schwartz in a 1987 article. He used digital tools to show similarities between Leonardo da Vinci’s face and the painting of the Mona Lisa. By this logic any two faces placed on top of each other appear identical. But today, we can say with much certainty that the woman pictured here is indeed Lisa Giocondo. A professor living in Florence researched this for 25 years and found archives, and in 2004 he discovered clear evidence to prove this fact. He also found that the Da Vinci family had close ties to Francesco Giocondo’s family. He also found a record that Lisa’s marriage was registered on 5 March 1495 when Lisa was 16 years old and Francesco was about 30 years old. He found that Leonardo da Vinci’s father and Lisa’s husband knew each other very well. And it is possible that this painting was made not by Lisa’s husband, but by Leonardo’s father. Palanti says Lisa was 24 years old when the Mona Lisa was painted.

And there may be two reasons for drawing it. The first reason is that in 1503, when Francesco and Lisa bought their house, or the second reason is in December 1502, when their second son was born. The second reason seems more likely because Lisa lost her daughter three years earlier, in 1499. If you look closely at this painting, you can see a veil over Lisa’s hair. Many call it the mourning veil. It is a veil that is worn when someone in the family dies. Now a question arises here if Da Vinci was Italian, Mona Lisa was Italian, then why this painting in France today? Well, the thing about this is that in 1516, the King of France, King Francis I, invited Leonardo da Vinci to live in France. And so, Da Vinci moved from Italy to France. And he took the Mona Lisa with him. Historical records are not clear on this,

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