israel-palestine conflict 2023

israel-palestine conflict 2023

israel-palestine conflict 2023

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Another conflict has broken out between Israel and Palestine. At 6.30 AM on the morning of 7th October, While most of the Israelis were sleeping soundly in their homes, suddenly, the air raid sirens began blaring. In a short while, thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli cities. Israeli Defence Forces estimate that 2,200 rockets were fired. However, the group Ham_s claims that 5,000 rockets were fired. Israel has an Iron Dome system. It is one of the best air defence systems in the world. Whenever rockets are fired on Israel, it uses the latest military technology to intercept the rockets and destroy them midflight to keep the country protected. But here, 5,000 rockets were fired within 20 minutes. This Iron Dome system failed.

Thousands of people were k_lled and injured in Israel because of these attacks. This surprise attack is the biggest in the last few decades that has been seen in the Israel-Palestine conflict. And it reminds us of the Yom Kippur War. Exactly 50 years ago, in October 1973, Egypt and Syria had launched a similar surprise attack on Israel. After that, a war broke out Known as the Yom Kippur War. And this attack is no less than a full-scale war. In addition to the rocket strikes, Ham_s launched a multi-pronged attack from the ground, sea, and air. The boundary wall on the Israel-Gaza border was broken down by a bulldozer. Many Palestinians were seen entering Israeli territory. Some on motorcycles, some using motor-powered hang-gliders to enter Israel through the air. Apart from this, Ham_s also attacked Israel from the sea using speedboats. Many events took place within a day.

A military base on the Israel-Gaza border was also attacked. An Israeli tank was captured. Many Israeli soldiers were captured and held hostages by the Ham_s group. And the Israeli villages and cities on the border were infiltrated by arm_d t_rr_rists of Ham_s. Many innocent civilians have been k_ll_d here, many are being held as hostages and Israel has declared a state of war in response. The Israeli military carried out airstrikes in Gaza, In which thousands of Palestinians were k_lled or injured. Let’s take a look at the map to understand the context of this situation. Israel and Palestine are located in the Middle East. In the North is the country of Lebanon. In the Northeast, there is Syria. In the East, there is Jordan. In the South West, there is Egypt. And in the West, is the Mediterranean Sea. If you zoom in on both countries, the area in the middle is the country of Israel. And the territories of Palestine are divided into two parts. One is the region of the West Bank, which is in the west of Jordan and the other is the Gaza Strip which is in the south-west of Israel and borders Egypt. There are many Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank.

They are under Israel’s control. And are considered illegal by the United Nations and many other countries. The Palestinian territories in the West Bank are administered by Palestinian Authorities under the control of Fatah. A political party. On the other hand, the Gaza Strip is controlled independently by Ham_s. There has been a separate conflict between Fatah and Ham_s historically. Ham_s is an extremist Palestinian organisation which is considered a t_rr_rist organisation by most countries. Canada, the European Union, Israel, Japan, Australia, the USA, and the UK designate Ham_s as a t_rr_rist organisation. On the other hand, it is not considered a t_rr_rist organisation by Brazil, China, Egypt, Iran, Norway, Qatar, Russia, Syria, and Turkey. There are also some countries that consider only Ham_s’ military wing as a t_rr_rist organisation. Like New Zealand and Paraguay. This is geopolitically relevant because you will see how differently these countries are reacting to the current situation. If we look at the map of the current conflict, we can see that the Gaza Strip is shown in red colour. And the extent to which Israeli territory has been infiltrated by the Palestinian milit_nts is shown in blue colour. Ham_s’ military commander Mohammad Al-Deif has named this attack Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. And said that Ham_s is doing this because Israel has committed atrocities on the Palestinians. And that this is specifically a response of what happened in Al Aqsa mosque.

If you want to know about the issue regarding Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, I talked about it in this video 2 years ago. I will put the link in the description below, you can go and watch it. For the Indian nationals present in Israel the Indian embassy in Israel has issued an advisory that you can see on the screen. In case of an emergency, they can call this number or can send an email to this id. Israel launched its own attack in response, which was named Operation Iron Swords. Israeli Defense Forces, also known as IDF in short, have deployed their Navy, Air Force, and Ground Forces. Along with that, they launched drone strikes in Gaza. Israel’s Energy Minister signed an order to cut the electricity supply in Gaza. To a large extent, electricity was supplied through Israel to Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a television address, “Citizens of Israel, we are at war.” He said that the en_my will have to pay an unprecedented price. The defence minister stated that Ham_s has made a huge mistake and Israel will win this war. A big talking point in this conflict is how Mossad, the world-famous Israeli intelligence agency, failed to intercept this attack. It is said that Mossad is one of the most powerful intelligence agencies. They have informants even in the Palestinian military groups.

They are in Lebanon, Syria, and in different parts of the world. In the past, it has been seen that Mossad agents have carried out precise timed as_as_inations of major military leaders. Sometimes by placing GPS trackers on vehicles, sometimes by using drone strikes, or sometimes by using mobile phones. If you want to know more about Mossad, I would suggest this audiobook on Kuku FM. It has been explained in great detail. If you don’t know Kuku FM, it is India’s largest audio-learning platform. It has more than 1.5 million active Hindi paid subscribers. In 2023, every day, more than 1.5 million hours of content was consumed on Kuku FM. You will find audiobooks on almost every subject and topic. If you haven’t joined yet, use the coupon code DHRUV50 and you will get 50% off on Kuku FM’s first month’s subscription. Instead of ₹99, it will cost you only ₹49. You can check out the link in the description. And now, coming back to Mossad, the question is, despite being such a powerful agency, how did they not know that thousands of rockets were being stockpiled in Gaza? The fencing on the Gaza-Israel border has cameras, ground motion sensors, and regular army patrols are carried out there. Why did these smart barriers fail? Domestically, the Israeli government is facing a lot of criticism. The former head of the Israeli Navy told the Israeli TV channel, Channel 12 that this is a huge failure on the part of the government. The entire country is asking about the whereabouts of IDF, police, and security. He told the BBC that a major investigation has already begun regarding this intelligence failure. Look at this article from The Times of Israel, According to it, Egypt’s intelligence officials had warned Israel repeatedly that something major was about to happen. And allegedly, those warnings were ignored. On the other hand, talking about international reactions, American President Joe Biden condemned this attack and said that he shows ‘rock-solid and unwavering support’ in favour of Israel. The foreign policy chief of the European Union also said that he strongly condemns this attack and says that according to international law, Israel has the right to defend itself. They said that Israeli hostages should be released immediately. Iran, which has been one of the main supporters of Ham_s, their foreign ministry said that the attack by Ham_s was an act of self-defence by the Palestinians.

The foreign ministry of the neighbouring country Egypt said that it is talking to Saudi Arabia and Jordan in an attempt to diffuse the Israeli-Palestinian tensions. The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, told to the official news agency WAFA that the Palestinians have the right to protect themselves against the t_rr_r of the settlers and foreign troops. As I said, he is from the Fatah party which governs the West Bank. And historically, there have been conflicts between Fatah and Ham_s. 2 years ago I made a detailed video on the Israel-Palestine conflict in which I explained their long history. In it, I talked about how Jews were persecuted in Europe for centuries and to save their lives they migrated to Palestine and now Palestinians have been reduced to refugees in their own country. So Palestine’s cause obviously deserves support but not by supporting t_rr_rists. This has been the stance of our Indian government, historically. India has always supported the Palestinian cause of self-determination under various Prime Ministers, be it Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh or Prime Minister Modi. “But the situation in the Middle-East is clear, the land which is occupied by Israel has to be vacated.” Prime Minister Modi has actually been the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Palestine. Now the statement from PM Modi has expressed shock at the t_rr_rist attacks and he expressed solidarity with Israel and Israel’s innocent victims and their families.

And this is not surprising because Ham_s’ actions here is nothing but t_rr_rism. Many disturbing videos have come up where Ham_s t_rr_rists have treated women and civilians in a way that cannot even be described in this video. It is a very shameful that some people see them as freedom fighters. It is true that there has been injustice against the common people in Palestine, but k_lling the common people in Israel, such t_rr_rism can never be justified. I’d like to repeat what I said in the previous video. Ham_s is a designated t_rr_rist organisation. And Israel is a powerful country with a proper democratic government. This is why Israel should use its powers responsibly. Some comm_nal big_ts are very offended by such statements. On one hand there are people who want complete erad_cation of Palestine. They celebrate the attacks on Palestine. Saying that none of them should surv_ve. Without thinking about the common Palestinians and what they go through. On the other hand, there are comm_nal people celebrating Ham_s t_rr_rists. They are happy to see Israel being attacked. They want Israel to be destr_yed. And that Israel should not exi_t as a country. When you come across such comments on social media, remember that you are a human being, not a vampire thirsty for blood. War-mongering is very easy when you are sitting far away.

But think about it, if you were in the midst of this war, think about what the ordinary Israeli and Palestinian families are going through. For life to come to a halt. And to live in fear that a rocket might hit your building at any moment. Israel is also trying to show that they are carrying out their counter-offensive responsibly. Recently, there was an airstrike on a 14-storey building in Palestine. But before the airstrike, Israel had issued a 10-minute warning so that the people living in the building should evacuate it before the b_mb could hit it. Such warnings have been given before, like the warning given to Fatima Bashir’s family before the Israeli airstrike in May this year. Or in August 2022, a 15-minute warning was given to Gazans before an Israeli airstrike. Although Israel claims this but the truth is that in Israeli airstrikes, many Palestinian civilians have been k_lled. We hope that there can be long-lasting peace between these two countries. But looking at the current situation, it seems that this war is going to continue for a long time. I would suggest that you understand the historical context of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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